Stay with Us!

Interested in joining us onboard our catamaran Belize 43, Oviri, think about it!
It can be a fun stay in some remote islands, off the beaten path, a way to get into the islands life, meet people, explore the islands, enjoy sailing around, diving, free diving, snorkeling, fishing, kitesurfing or just relax two feet in a pristine water on a sandy beach.

By following our tracking position you can check where about we are and our future destinations.

If you wish to plan a week stay on board during our island stops we will be happy to give you all the informations needed. We can accommodate 2 to 4 guests for a friendly stay onboard, no luxury charter here, just a friendly stay with us in our boat. We only offer the possibility to meet us where we stop and not during crossing as crossing can be unpredictable!

Although it is a sailboat and not a cruiseship with all means of communications, we will get back to you as fast as possible as we do not have internet onboard, and will give you every detail you need to know, availability, fares, length of stay possible, etc… Patience, Time and weather windows are to be taken in consideration, so the earlier you contact us the better it is.

As we are moving on and can not spend time into very rare repair shops or replacing broken gear our policy regarding watersports activities is as follows:

For your safety, we recommend that you bring your own snorkel gear masks, fins and snorkel. We can not accommodate every size and we do not have mouthpiece available for sale onboard.

If you wish to go diving please bring your own dive gear, tanks can be rented with local dive shops and can be refilled onboard as we have a dive compressor. We can arrange rental gear with local dive shop if you prefer to travel light and rent all your gear while onboard.

we do Kitesurf, but we do not rent gear or lend our gear. If you want to kitesurf, please bring your own gear, board included, and also spare parts! Here too, depending where we are there might be rental possibilites but nothing is sure! kite surfers like to have their own gear we know that for fact! we recommend you to wear helmet!