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Still in Las perlas! April 22nd, 2018

 oviri in perlas

We are still in Las Perlas, Panama, enjoying an unknown side of green islands where the red soil looks pretty good for a predominant farming activity. Cattles walk the beach every morning to reach some tiny stream which are certainly getting more important during the rainy season… coming soon, and rest avoiding the heat by the shady trees growing along the stream.

While you wander ashore you find some new fences planted by the inhabitants, some are pieces of wood which start to grow into dangerous thorny bushes as soon as planted! Nature does not need wire fences here! Close by the biggest properties, they plant a branch of mango tree and makes beautiful natural shady fences as it grows.

The fishermen community is pretty important, having lanchas to go fishing it seems they are everywhere they can drop a net and wait to pick it up a few hours later, staying on anchor at night and moving to another spot the next morning, being away from their village for some days in a row.

Some bigger boats are also seen fishing, going offshore, looking more as a ghost boat covered with birds! Wherever you have a fisherman there are birds flying close by! Ready to strike on an abandoned prey! Then the fregates start chasing the cormorants or the more expert booby who get their prey deeper as the fregate can not dive but fly with grace and plunge without moving a feather like a Japanese Zero on their target!!!

Some remote and uninhabited islands have mangroves and beautiful birds, egrets, ibises, heron can be approached for my own pleasure!

The ocean offers a lot to watch from the boat… sharks, manta rays, dolphins….

Still, we are preparing our soon to be “crossing to the Galapagos!” we will certainly be facing the wind… but …. This is sailing!


Nous sommes toujours aux Perlas, profitant du cote inconnu de ces iles vertes ou la terre rouge a l’air plutot prolifique pour les cultures. Le betail se promene sur la plage chaque matin pour atteindre le ruisseau et se mettre a l’abri de la chaleur et a l’ombre des arbres qui y poussent pendant la journee.

Lorsque l’on s’aventure a terre, on trouve des haies plantees par les habitants. Certaines sont faites de bouts de bois qui reprennent racine et poussent herisses d’epines. La nature n’a pas besoin de barbeles. Pres des proprietes, ils plantent plutot des branches de manguier qui en poussant forment de splendides haies ombragees.

La communaute de pecheurs est egalement tres importante. Ils ont des lanchas pour pecher et on peut les voir partout ou un filet peut etre jete puis recupere quelques heures plus tard, ils restent sur ancre la nuit et changent de coin le jour suivant restant absent de chez eux plusieurs jours de suite.

Il y a quelques gros bateaux qui partent pecher au large, ayant de loin des allures de vaisseau fantome, couverts d’oiseaux prets a faire feu de toutes proies delaissees par les pecheurs. Les fregates talonnent et plongent sur cormorans et fous qui vont chercher les proies sous l’eau, pour leur piquer leurs proies!

Quelques iles isolees et inhabitees ont des mangroves impressionnantes ou de magnifiques aigrettes, herons, ibis peuvent etre approaches pour mon plus grand Plaisir!

On se prepare tranquillement pour les Galapagos et la traversee. On devrait avoir vent de bout! Mais c’est ca la voile!

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