P1070827HALF WAY FROM DESTINATION! 2 29  593 S – 116 13  265 W At 12.pm or our local time or 19h UTC on July 15th 2018 DTW Distance to Waypoint : 1423 miles Trip : 1579 miles Wind SSE  20 knots SOW : 8 knots At sea for 12 days we are now half way from Fatu Hiva! Still we have 1423 miles to go before we can enjoy a relaxing anchorage! The most we did in 24 hours was 196 miles which brings us to an average of 160 miles in 24 hours. Wind rules the game! We have had no encounter with the huge fleet of Chinese fishermen with no AIS but great lights& and long nets! We avoided them taking a route a little bit more north. Ecuadorian fishermen too where on the water, no AIS, on small boats fishing sometimes 500 miles away from the continent. We had a squall during last night having to reduce sails. The swell is not always fun and certainly better on a catamaran than on a monohull. Fishing went good for us, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, we are filling up the freezer! So far so good! And loosing lures too, sometimes part of the deal! Today was one of the first days we could give up our sweatshirts since leaving Galapagos, there has been sunny but incredibly chilly days and nights! It sounds we are now sailing to the right direction&. and ready to enjoy the sun. I know, I can read your mind &. and then they will complain as it is too hot!! ahahah! Never!!!!!!! Thanks to Teoula, Bliss, Imagine, Papillon, Easy, Balou, Gadabout, Mabouilla and others sailboat going to Fatu Hiva for sharing every information while getting close to fishermen, nets, and whatever could be a threat for one of us. A great network idea not only good for the World cup result! AHAHAH! Cooking tips, repair tips, and what to do upon arrival! it really shortened these long days at sea being able to read everyones messages sailing on the Ocean where we were so many but did not see any of us, where times disappears rhythmed with watches, cooking, reading, the fabulous sunsets and sunrises, an amazing sky and incredible milky way, the moon we had a little so far and which is coming back now, etc& and only disturbed by the fishing line noise when the reel is unrolling the whole line bringing a catch or when the fish leaves with a brand new piercing! We are both fine and guess what? impatient to arrive in Fatu Hiva!

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