Heading to Las Perlas! Direction Las Perlas!

Off to Las Perlas!
Las Perlas are only 34 miles away from Panama. Not much wind to sail and a flat sea to get there. We leave behind the heavy polluted Panama city, making our way through huge cargo ships at anchor. 

Las Perlas are small islands whith an important tide, so you need to be observing your charts before getting too close and find yourself touching the bottom at low tide!

We are now anchored at Contadora. While we dropped the anchor there were about 20 bull rays dancing at the bottom, though the water is not clear. White sandy beaches are calling us …. see you guys!!! thanks for following us!

Nous voila a Las Perlas, situees a 34 miles de Panama.
Il n’y a pas beaucoup de vent et la mer est d’huile. Nous laissons derriere nous la tres polluee  Panama City, slalomant entre les cargos ship qui sont sur rade.

Aux Perlas comme a Panama les marees sont importantes, il est important de garder l’oeil sur les charts avant de se retrouver percher sur les rochers qui apparaissent a maree basse.

Au moment d’ancrer a Contadora, des raies taureau dansaient autour du bateau. L’eau n’est pas particulierement Claire.

Les plages de sable blanc sont superbes et nous appellant! A bientot! Merci de nous suivre!

A bientot!



4 Replies to “Heading to Las Perlas! Direction Las Perlas!”

  1. Hi JL and Nathalie,
    You are really going to enjoy Galapagos. Be sure to use the water taxis as the sea-lions will destroy/overturn your RIB. Hide all fruit before arriving as it gets confiscated by the coca cola loving gang of officials who will inspect your boat. Good luck with the rest of the voyage.
    Kind regards,

  2. I hope my note GWR’s through. Whatever happens, if not I am following your journey! ❤ Jacque

  3. Hi Oviri,
    Just thinking about you guys and hope wind and currents are favorable. Where abouts are you now?

  4. Hello Oviri!
    I can see for the pictures that you having a good time…including the food…OMG you are having a feast almost everyday which is awesome ! Congrats !

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