Pacific ! Here we are!

Yeah! here we are now anchored in the Pacific! 

We left at 5.30am on the 6th, met by the pilot advisor and having our handliners on board. We passed under the new bridge before meeting the two monohull to be attached to us and getting into  to the locks going up to the Gatun lake.

We were just standing pretty close behind a gigantic Panama cargo ship, and the doors were closing right behind us. The locks filled up as we are going up to gatun lake! Impressive!


Into Gatun Lake, a super protected area, where only very slow sailboats can spend the night, unable to do the trip in one day. One third of the Gatun Lake fresh water is used a drinkable water to Panama city. So you go through but can not dump anything in the lake. Though we did not see any bird! 

When we got to Gatun lake, the two monohull went their way and we kept going, following the super cargo before overpassing it  and reaching the last locks to get attached to a small ferry and standing behind a barge and two tow boats. This time the locks are going down.


The last lock open on the Pacific, and we still have to go under the Bridge of the Americas before we can anchored at the Balboa Yachtclub, drop our advisor and the handliners.

Here we are now in the Pacific! ready to keep on! 

We did some video and as soon as we can we will do something with it!



6 Replies to “Pacific ! Here we are!”

  1. Well, la derniere fois que j’ai franchis ce canal c’etair au XXieme siecle!!! (1969) ce vieux canal n’a pas beaucoup changé !!!
    Bravo quelle chance enfin le pacifique. Donnez moi des nouvelles de Monsieur de Bougainville ?
    bisous à vous deux Anita et Bernard

  2. Waouh!!
    La grande aventure commence!!
    Quel bonheur!
    C’est sur on vous rejoindra un de ces jours dans le pacifique.
    Gros gros bisous
    A bientôt
    Gilles et Joelle

  3. That thrashing in the water way behind you is me still trying to catch up and climb aboard. Ahhhh, wishful thinking.
    Enjoy the Pacific and have smooth sailing. Will you be passing near the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? They say it is as large as the state of Texas.

  4. Great story and pics! Congrats!!
    Enjoy fair winds and following seas!
    A bientot!

  5. Awesome pictures! Very interesting too, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what’s coming on the rest of your journey in the Pacific!

    Good luck to you guys and safe trip!

  6. Hi spoke to boat people from Germany they will be leaving soon. They said the “Pelican” is missing you. You spoke with him they said. I will try to send you a picture of him.

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