Ready to Transit the Panama Canal!

Indeed it’s been a while since last update! we were on the hard at shelter bay marina, Colon, Panama, doing some of the bottom work . We are now afloat and docked at the marina again! 
We are scheduled to do the transit in one day, it means the handliners will show up on the 5th of April around 5pm and you have to move your boat to the flat by the locks. On april 6th, 4am the pilot will come aboard and then the process of getting attached to another or two others boats starts, and you get in the locks… Transit is supposed to end and  on the pacific side by 5pm! 
Remember we go from  East to West, so   we start with Gatun locks, Atlantic side and  Miraflores is the last one, Pacific side.
for those interested in watching the transit, there are webcams all the way !
select high resolution
We might not see any of them while we transit, being busy handling the lines and boat, so do not expect us to wave at you!!!!
Now lets get ready and see you on the other side!

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  1. Hi Nat! Glad to hear of your progress! This is so interesting! Will try to watch the locks as you travel thru–hope to see you on the Pacific! Think of you often, always. ❤ Jacque

  2. Adriana Porto????????I m so happy for you my Dear Friend. I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!Enjoy and take a lot of pictures. We love you !!!????

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