We Made it to Colon, Panama!

Catch of the day!As we keep sailing another surprise awaits us…. As we were battling to bring a big fish onboard, we were called on the radio by the Honduras Coat Guard asking us to stop! So we lost the fish, got our two fishing lines entangled and one ended up in the prop as the fish got free.  As they launched a lancha, not a really coast guard looking dinghy, with 7 armed guys people and reached our boat they tried to board  us with one fender half inflated, the other one… deflated. We pull out our fenders. we are then told  their outboard had no reverse and they hurt our boat, leaving a blue signature on the hull. Finally only two of the men managed to make it onboard due to swell and poor engine, while the lancha circled the boat with armed guys and the big boat positioned itself right in front of us. All this lasted more than an hour. They searched everywhere! That  was a pretty scary episode and we felt released when they left despite they did not  gave us or filled up any papers, but took pictures of our passports….

Back onto our track we finally got another mahi mahi and a tuna to keep us in a good mood!

We had another couples of days at sea with nice night watches and just enough wind to make it a confortable sail not too much bothered with cargo ship and no more coast guard unpredictable visit!

Getting closer to Panama and on the cargo rail, more and more activity is on, and watches are a matter of being really awake as they mostly always do a collision route with us. So some are nice and call and change their course sometimes you do it to avoid them. Luckily Technology helps a lot with the AIS and radars to warn you!

Arriving at Colon,  at night is even trickier and stressful while cargo ship are getting out, other getting on the flat outside the breakers, and you the tiny little boat in the middle trying to make its way through the Breakers. We anchored before Shelter bay marina a night and enjoy a relatively good sleep before getting into the marina at full day light! We made it to Panama, 1268 NM, with good fishing, nice sunset and sunrise, some chilly weather, windy and not too windy, all went well.

All the paperwork is done, to clear in. We took an agent and who did the cruising permit, and is also doing the Panama canal transit paperwork. Measurements happened yesterday. And we already know the date of our transit, april 5th. We are hauling out the boat right there at Shelter Bay Marina, tomorrow morning, and will do the work ourselves. Farniente was short but good and from tomorrow we will be sanding, scratching, and making bottomwork.

Will update as soon as we can!! Take care all of you!


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  1. I can see from those great photos why you love the seafaring wat of life…lots to see and experience.

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